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It Should Have Been a #GoodDay by Natalie Corbett Sampson, review

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Sometimes a situation is not what you think it is

In high school perception can be the key to surviving. Especially if you’re hiding something.

The new girl — Emily hopes to leave a painful event behind her by starting at a new school, but it looks like that’s just a pipe dream.

The golden boy — Brogan is the big man on campus until a knee injury has him benched. Now he’s struggling to hold on to his top dog position while pushed to the sidelines.

The popularity seeker — Thomas desperately wants to shed his loser status. He can, as long as he doesn’t let his nice guy instincts get in the way.

The heart of gold — Henry doesn’t know how different he is, although everyone else at school does. And the popular kids have no problem letting him know he doesn’t fit in.

As they go through an ordinary day of negotiating halls, classes and the baggage of their lives, each of them has no idea that their paths will cross in such a way that will change their lives forever.

Sometimes what should have been a good day turns out to be the worst day of your life.


In Natalie Corbett Sampson’s latest novel, IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN A #GOODDAY, we are taken through a typical day in high school by four very different students.  The Canadian author didn’t shy away from tough situations in this YA novel that grips you the further you read and leaves you with a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach the closer you get to the end.  The characters are everyone you ever knew in high school – they are who YOU were in high school!  The short chapters, each told from the perspective of the four main students, made the book a quick and easy read.  Though small in stature (the book is a mere 248 pages), it’s large on impact.  This book is a must read for lovers of realistic YA books.

With a glimpse of what it’s like to be a teen in the age of social media, I give IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN A #GOODDAY 4 stars ****.


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