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Isabella: Braveheart of France by Colin Falconer, review

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She was taught to obey. Now she has learned to rebel.

12 year old Isabella, a French princess marries the King of England – only to discover he has a terrible secret. Ten long years later she is in utter despair – does she submit to a lifetime of solitude and a spiritual death – or seize her destiny and take the throne of England for herself?

Isabella is just twelve years old when she marries Edward II of England. For the young princess it is love at first sight – but Edward has a terrible secret that threatens to tear their marriage – and England apart.

Who is Piers Gaveston – and why is his presence in the king’s court about to plunge England into civil war?

The young queen believes in the love songs of the troubadours and her own exalted destiny – but she finds reality very different. As she grows to a woman in the deadly maelstrom of Edward’s court, she must decide between her husband, her children, even her life – and one breath-taking gamble that will change the course of history.

This is the story of Isabella, the only woman ever to invade England – and win.


Isabella: Braveheart of France by Colin Falconer is the first book I read this year and boy, am I ever off to a great start!

To begin with, I didn’t know much of Isabella, Edward, Gaveston, etc., so it was a learning experience.  Since I’m not overly familiar with this period of history, I can’t say if it’s accurate or not, but the bits of pieces I do know of seemed to be there.

I love a book that has a strong female lead and Isabella was, indeed, that.  On top of that, she was smart, knew what she wanted and did everything in her power to get it.  Perhaps it’s for those reasons that she gained the name “She Wolf” – but for me, those were the reasons I like her so much.

This is the first book I’ve read by Colin Falconer and I can honestly say he has a new fan in me.  Though the book in quite short (the Kindle verson is 220 pages), it was packed full of excitement that kept me fully engrossed from start to finish.   He really brought Medieval times to life for me which is a period I have had trouble getting into in the past.  And, he’s made me want to read more books set during this time.  All in all, it was a fast and enjoyable read and I look forward to reading my next Falconer.



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