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Song of the River by Sue Harrison, review

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Two ancient tribes on the verge of making peace become foes once more when a double murder jeopardizes a storyteller’s mission

Eighty centuries ago, in the frozen land that is now Alaska, a clubfooted male child had been left to die, when a woman named K’os rescued him. Twenty years later and no longer a child, Chakliux occupies the revered role as his tribe’s storyteller. In the neighboring village of the Near River people, where Chakliux will attempt to make peace by wedding the shaman’s daughter, a double murder occurs that sends him on a harsh, enthralling journey in search of the truth about the tragic losses his people have suffered, and into the arms of a woman he was never meant to love.

Song of the River is the first book of the Storyteller Trilogy, which also includes Cry of the Wind and Call Down the Stars.


Sue Harrison’s book, Song of the River, is the first in her Storyteller trilogy.  It’s set in Alaska in the 7th century BC and tells of Chakliux who, when born with a deformed foot, is left out to die but is instead mistaken for an animal gift by someone in another tribe who takes him in.  If that’s not interesting enough, add in a few murders and you’re got yourself an exceptionally entertaining read.

The author once again (see my review of another of her books HERE) succeeds in writing characters that I came to care for.  Not only that, but the story lines are unique and suitable for the time period – and no modern language!!  I hate when I read a historical book and it sounds like they were all born in the 1980s.  Pet peeve!  Thankfully you won’t find that with Sue Harrison’s books.  I’m amazed at well she writes about this time period and the research must have been painstaking.

I’m so thrilled to have found this author.  In fact, as much as I love Jean Auel’s books, I love Sue’s more.   She definitely has a new fan in me.


Sue Harrison grew up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and graduated summa cum laude from Lake Superior State University with a bachelor of arts degree in English language and literature. At age twenty-seven, inspired by the cold Upper Michigan forest that surrounded her home, and the outdoor survival skills she had learned from her father and her husband, Harrison began researching the people who understood best how to live in a harsh environment: the North American native peoples. She studied six Native American languages and completed extensive research on culture, geography, archaeology, and anthropology during the nine years she spent writing her first novel, Mother Earth Father Sky, the extraordinary story of a woman’s struggle for survival in the last Ice Age. A national and international bestseller, and selected by the American Library Association as one of the Best Books for Young Adults in 1991, Mother Earth Father Sky is the first novel in Harrison’s critically acclaimed Ivory Carver Trilogy, which includes My Sister the Moon and Brother Wind. She is also the author of Song of the River, Cry of the Wind, and Call Down the Stars, which comprise the Storyteller Trilogy, also set in prehistoric North America. Her novels have been translated into thirteen languages and published in more than twenty countries. Harrison lives with her family in Michigan’s Eastern Upper Peninsula.

For more information please visit Sue Harrison’s website. You can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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