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Mother Earth Father Sky by Sue Harrison

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A young woman fights for survival amid the brutality of the last Ice Age

It’s 7056 BC, a time before history. On the first day that Chagak’s womanhood is acknowledged within her Aleut tribe, she unexpectedly finds herself betrothed to Seal Stalker, the most promising young hunter in the village. A bright future lies ahead of Chagak—but in one violent moment, she loses her entire way of life. Left with her infant brother, Pup, and only a birdskin parka for warmth, Chagak sets out across the icy waters on a quest for survival and revenge.

Mother Earth Father Sky is the first book of the Ivory Carver Trilogy, which also includes My Sister the Moon and Brother Wind.


Mother Earth Father Sky by Sue Harrison isn’t my regular type of read – I tend to stick with more ‘recent’ historical fiction – but wow, it sure is worth it stepping out of the box sometimes!

The story opens with Chagak who is out gathering grasses on a beautiful, seemingly normal day when from afar, she sees the horrors of her village being attacked.  Nothing will be the same after that day.

I was pulled into the tale from the very first page and was kept clutched there, quite happily, until the very last page.  Sue Harrison is a wonderful author who really puts a ton of effort into the details of the story and into each and every character.  Speaking of the characters, I became deeply connected to them, especially Chagak.  I adore strong females in books and she is most definitely one of them.  I want to be like her when I grow up.

I can’t express how eager I am to read the next two books in the trilogy – My Sister the Moon and Brother Wind.  In fact, I’m reading the first book of her other trilogy for review on the 27th so come back for that.

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