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Kobo Aura – review

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Several months ago, just before it was available in stores, I was lucky enough to receive a new Kobo Aura to review on my blog.  After a bit of research to make sure I wasn’t giving my home address to a weirdo stalker, I emailed Laura back and promptly got my Aura in the mail.

koboAs you can tell by the picture, I put in my Game of Thrones and started to read.   I’m not super techy so I won’t bore you with specs and stuff.  I know the screen is larger than my Kobo Touch and also much clearer (apparently there is a higher resolution so that might be way – as I said, I’m not super techy).  The home screen is more user friendly with more options like how far along you are in your current book.  It also has ComfortLight which means that not only can you read outdoors with the backlight, you can now adjust the screen for easy reading in any environment!  That was probably one of my fave features – no more pesky book light hanging off my e-reader and no getting up to turn off my lamp before bed.  I thought that having a light might kill the battery quicker, but that’s not been the case at all.

kobo2Making the font larger is so much better on the Aura than the Touch.  I found I had to scroll the page up and down on the Touch to be able to read the entire page, but not with the Aura!  It just adjusts to the page.  You can also choose between a bunch of different fonts (10 styles, 24 sizes) to customize your reading experience.

Another feature I really like is that you highlight quotes and share them to Facebook!  (probably Twitter, too, though I didn’t try it)  It’s a great way to let everyone know what you’re reading.  Also, if you come across a word you don’t know, just highlight it and the dictionary will tell you what it means.  Ohh, I should mention that it supports ePub, PDF, and MOBI books whereas the Touch was mostly ePub friendly.

It comes in three different colours (Black, ivory and Espresso, which is the one I received) and really cool new design.  My only complaint so far is a lack of interesting and affordable covers.  I’ve been keeping it in the box until I find one.  At $169.00, spending another $40.00 on a case to keep it safe seems like a lot.

Many thanks to the people at Kobo, and Laura in particular, for sending me this wonderful reader.

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