Book Drunkard

“I am simply a 'book drunkard.' Books have the same irresistible temptation for me that liquor has for its devotee. I cannot withstand them.” L.M. Montgomery

24 Hour Read-A-Thon is a GO!


Guess what time it is?  Just before 5:00 am here in Kelowna, British Columbia.  Why would I get up that early on a Saturday, you ask?  There aren’t many reasons.  Hockey might be one.  Reading is another!!

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve participated in Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-A-Thon.  I think this might be the 5th or 6th time.  All I do know is that I love it every time I do it!!  My daughters will be joining me again.  We have a ton of snacks and a ton of books.  The only change is the venue.  We are heading to my parents’ new RV to read in peace and quiet!  Thankfully, they have internet all hooked up so I will be able to do some mini-challenges.  I’m hosting my own mini-challenge again so come back in about seven hours.

The book I’m starting out with a short book to get me going – Alice Hartley’s Happiness by Philippa Gregory.  I’ve read a lot of Historical Fiction, but I wanted to try out her other genres.  Brooklyn is reading The 39 Clues – Beyond the Grave.  Madi is going to start off by finishing The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker.  It’s unclear yet if I’ll be able to get them out of bed to start at 5am with me…  we shall see!

Good luck to everyone who is doing the read-a-thon today.  I’m hoping that snacks and coffee, great company and books will keep me going.

4 thoughts on “24 Hour Read-A-Thon is a GO!

  1. Good luck with your reading goals

  2. Hello and welcome! I’m a RAT veteran as well all the way over here in central NY! My mom and I always do this together and I love seeing other people making it a family event! Enjoy reading with your daughters!

  3. Thanks so much!

    So far, my reading partners are still sleeping… hahaha 5am was a bit early for them :p

  4. Hope you enjoy the read-a-thon. Happy Reading!

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