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What Lies Behind by Cynthia Hill, review


Description: (From Smashwords)

Every family has its secrets…Behind the clouds of dementia, Lillian holds memories of a life that her granddaughter Lisa could never imagine. From her childhood in 1920s and 30s Toronto, to a young World War II society bride, through scandal and unthinkable tragedies, Lillian kept her extraordinary life a secret, retreating into a lonely, bitter existence. Curious about her grandmother’s mysterious past, Lisa unearths a long-buried secret that may finally bring the truth to light.

My Review:

Since I had an absolute love affair with Cynthia Hill’s first book, Idol Hands, I had rather high expectations for her second book, What Lies Behind.  First off, let me just say that the two books are TOTALLY different in every way, save one – I love them both!!

The story is told in alternating perspectives – Lillian, the grandmother and Lisa, the granddaughter.  Lillian’s story begins in Toronto, 1920 and Lisa is present day.  I found myself more attracted to Lily’s story and couldn’t wait to get back to her point of view.  That’s not to say that Lisa is boring or a bad character, I think I just identified more with her grandmother.  Plus, I really love anything historical.  Speaking of history, it seems that a lot of research went into Lillian’s portion of the story.  I could almost imagine being in the past and it reminded me a lot of visiting my own grandparents when I was a kid.

Cynthia is a great writer.  I enjoy her books for several reasons, but the two most prominent are these:  I’ve never read anything like Idol Hands or What Lies Behind before.  Second, she writes without a feigned importance like some authors do.  She doesn’t need to use a bunch of big, fancy words to try to make her works seem more complex.  She just weaves a delightful story full of feeling with great, memorable characters.  Cynthia Hill is fast becoming one of my favourite Canadian authors.

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2 thoughts on “What Lies Behind by Cynthia Hill, review

  1. I agree with everything you said 🙂 Cynthia is a great writer! I was fortunate enough to be a beta reader for What Lies Behind & I truly enjoyed the story. Two thumbs up!

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