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Garden of Madness by Tracy L. Higley, review

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Garden of Madness by Tracy L. Higley is Biblical fiction although I would also consider it a Biblical Mystery.

Set in the time of the mad King Nebuchadnezzer and his Hanging Gardens, it’s the story of his daughter, Tiamat who is newly widowed at the age of 21.  She’s not your regular princess.  She likes to don trousers in the dead of night and run around the city, she’s not always obedient and often fights with her mother.  I loved watching her growth and progression from selfish to giving – it’s one of my favourite aspects of the book.  I also liked the parts where Daniel was involved in the story.  It was with him, or perhaps because of him, that I really felt that Tiamat was growing for the better.

The plot was sometimes complicated and confusing to me, but it wasn’t too hard to follow.  I did find that the running and nightmare/possession scenes got a bit repetitive after awhile and found myself skimming over them because it felt like I’d already read them.  I did enjoy the murder mystery and political intrigue – it’s what kept me reading the book well into the night.  Ms. Higley is wonderfully descriptive in regards to Babylon and its people.  It was easy to imagine being there.  It was interesting to learn about the Jewish and Babylonian cultures and how extremely different they were.  It appears that a great amount of research went into all aspects of the book.  So, apart from some repetitiveness, I really enjoyed the it.  I recommend it and will definitely read more books by this author.

I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com  book review bloggers program.  All thoughts are my own.


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