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Fortune’s Son by Emery Lee, review

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She is the ultimate gamble …

Beautiful young widow Susannah, Lady Messingham, refuses to belong to any man again. Until she inadvertently draws handsome Lord Philip Drake into an exhilarating game of terrifying stakes and unimaginable rewards …

And he’ll risk everything on a toss of the dice …

Philip is a seasoned gambler who knows all the tricks and isn’t afraid to use them. He’d do anything for Susannah, including sacrificing his honor and his freedom …


Although I didn’t read Emery Lee’s book, THE HIGHEST STAKES, I heard enough great things about it to want to read FORTUNE’S SON.  Philip Drake was (apparently) introduced in the first book, and this new one is his story.

Philip, 20, meets Susannah.  She is a widow who is 8 years his senior and she wants to learn to play cards.  Who better to ask than a sexy younger man, right?  Honestly, I never knew that the Georgian Era was such a hotbed of gambling!

I love how researched the story is.  Period details are rich and help you imagine you are in the book.  Every bit of it is believable and reads as if it really happened.  The wonderful cast of characters breathed so much life into Emery’s words, they became real to me.  I love reading a book where you can tell the author loves (or hates) her characters and she definitely has the gift!  Above all else, the focus is on the love story.  *Happy sigh*  We all need a good love story now and then.

I can’t wait to read the previous book which is already on my Kobo E-Reader 🙂

This book was sent to me by Sourcebooks in return for my honest review.


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