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To Die For by Sandra Byrd – review


I’ve never been a huge fan of Anne Boleyn so if I’m honest, I’m not sure why I decided to read this book.  But, I am so thrilled that I contacted Sandra and asked if she’d be interested in sending me a copy to review.  Had she known my thoughts on Anne, she probably would have said NO!  I’m not going to lie and say I love her now, but my thoughts on her definitely changed after reading TO DIE FOR.  I’m much more sympathetic and understanding, even though Katherine of Aragon is still my girl – old habits die hard….

The story is told through the voice of Meg Wyatt, Anne’s best friend (and Tom Wyatt’s sister) who I was happy to find out was a real person.  Anne became a different person to me as seen through the eyes of Meg – we see her as a friend would see her – with none of the bias of fandom or hate that I see in so many books on the subject.  How strong Meg had to be through Anne’s rise and downfall.  I can’t imagine either the rise OR the downfall was easy on her.   I can only hope I would have been as loyal in her shoes.

The book is well written and extremely well researched (and the cover is GORGEOUS!).  Even the language used is what I think people in that era would have spoken.  There is a religious element to the book, but it’s subtle and doesn’t take over the entire story line.  Some books get so involved in The Reformation that the characters get lost amidst the politics, etc.  Sandra was able to include it in her book in such a way that it was interesting to read and not at all boring or preachy.  It really is a wonderful book, hard to put down AND I’m happy to report, the first in a new series (Ladies in Waiting Series)!  It always excites me to know that an author I enjoy has plans for more books.

Come back tomorrow for a special treat.  I have an interview with author Sandra Byrd to share and she has kindly offered to host a worldwide giveaway of TO DIE FOR!



13 thoughts on “To Die For by Sandra Byrd – review

  1. That sounds great! After reading “The Constant Princess” by Phillipa Gregory, I’m definitely a Katharine of Aragon girl, myself, but I love books set in this era. I’ll have to check out the interview!

  2. Oh I cant wait, I fell in love with anything to do with Henry the VIII, I am obsessed with reading anything from that time period, I have read everything from Phillipa Gregory and would love love love to read this book, the cover art is so beautiful, great post, i will be back to check out the interview. 🙂

  3. I love the cover of this book. thanks for the review.

  4. I really appreciate your honest in saying that Anne Boelyn is not your favorite person. It gave me a sense of who you are as a reader and as a reviewer. I also love your site’s appearance. It’s welcoming and immediately gave me a clear indication of your genre. I’m hoping you’ll review my historical fiction novel when it’s published in the spring.

  5. Love your blog…all the books look great.

    I have JOSEFINA’S SIN. It looks very good.


  6. Thanks for the review. The book sounds great.

  7. It’s great thing when book changes how you feel about someone. Book can’t be all bad then 😀

  8. Hey Martina,

    Thanks so much for reading and reviewing To Die For! I know a lot of books beckon to be read, and I appreciate the time you (or your blog readers) spend with my book. I’ll be popping back in to look for your other book suggestions this year, too!

  9. Thanks for the review! I’m definitely going to check it out, as it sounds to be similar to the work of Philippa Gregory. Being a reviewer myself, there are times when I begin a book not too keen on the topic, but by the end it is very rewarding. Keep up the good work- I really enjoy reading your blog!

    Jaime H.

  10. Anne is one of my favorite historical figures. I think she has been so misunderstood. I do appreciate your honesty regarding your feelings about her. It’s great that you were able to stay objective despite your feelings. Excellent review! Definitely a must-read.

  11. Thank you for your review! I love reading historical books! And im a huge fan of history, my sister knows all the Tudors story, and she and i are very intrigue about this book since the release! Plus the cover look amazing. Thank you for the chance to have it! Im crossing fingers here! 🙂

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