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Josefina’s Sin: A Novel by Claudia H. Long

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Claudia H. Long’s debut novel tells the story of Josefina Maria del Carmen Asturias de Castillo who, at the age of 19, marries Manuel and becomes the wife of a wealthy Mexican landowner.  It is not an unhappy life, but it’s a very sheltered life.  And while she loves her sons and wishes to remain true to her husband, she also has dreams of her own.

The book is set during 17th century Mexico and while I’m not familiar with the time period, or with Mexican history, I learned a lot from the excellent writing skills of the author.  I appreciate the obvious research that went into telling this story.  Feeling as if I’m a part of the character’s lives, seeing what they see, feeling how they feel, etc., makes reading a book a beautiful experience – and I had that with Josefina’s Sin.

There is some graphic sex in the book, but none of it is gratuitous.  It didn’t bother me because it was really part of who Josefina is.  Leaving it out would have left her character flat for me.  She was passionate and I’m glad she was written that way.  Still, it might offend some – and it isn’t suitable for younger readers.

Claudia H. Long is fabulous.  The book had me completely engaged from the start.  I applaud her for not holding back and writing with as much passion as Josefina had.  It’s a wonderful first novel that has me looking forward to her next offering.


Many thanks to Diane Saarinen of the Saima Agency for sending me this book to read in exchange for my honest review.  And come back to my blog tomorrow for a guest post from Claudia as well as a giveaway of Josefina’s Sin!



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