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The Maid by Kimberly Cutter – Review

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I’ve been intrigued with Joan of Arc ever since I saw the 1928 film, The Passion of Joan of Arc, when I was about twelve years old.  And then more recently when I found out that my ancestors from my dad’s side of the family were all from Rouen during the time of her execution (before and after, as well).  So, not surprisingly, I was very excited to read THE MAID by Kimberly Cutter.

I could hardly stop reading it long enough to sleep.  Partly because of the excellent writing of Kimberly Cutter and partly because I didn’t want to leave Jehanne alone, knowing how her story ends.  She became completely real to me, more human in a sense and less of the myth I sometimes viewed her as.  Her story really is as unbelievable as it is inspirational and heartbreaking.

The book is well written and quite fast paced.  My only criticism would be that it was too fast.  I think there were sections of the story that could have been elaborated upon more and instead parts felt rushed.  However, the backdrop of book, as well as the development of the characters is superb and left me feeling I’d been in those places before along with them.  The ending of the book, Joan’s fate, was very respectfully told.  I appreciated that.

Thank you to Kimberly for sending me a copy of THE MAID to read in exchange for my honest review.


One thought on “The Maid by Kimberly Cutter – Review

  1. OOH, glad to hear you liked this book – I have been wanting to read it. Coincidentally I just did a post about Joan of Arc movies about a week or so ago, I think, and didn’t find out until this morning about the 1928 one. Will have to check it out for sure. Thanks!

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