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The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown – review

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The Weird Sisters is the debut novel of Eleanor Brown.  And what a wonderful new talent she is.  I am already looking forward to her future offerings.

Rose, Bean and Cordy (these are their shortened names – their ‘real’ names are from Shakespeare plays) are three sisters who could not be more different.  And through a series of events, they come to realize that although they don’t like each other much – and don’t always get along – the love they share, and their incredible bond, is unbreakable.  I think there was a point in book where I loved and hated each sister.  But, God, what a breath of fresh air to find a book of characters with real flaws for a change.  I get tired of the same, old hero/heroine who are perfect in everything they do, when everything always works out for them…  Those books are boring.

I really loved the parts of the book where the family quoted Shakespeare in answer to questions or to prove points.  Even though The Bard mostly goes over my head sometimes…  I appreciated how much research it must have taken to find all those quotes to fit into the perfect spots of the story!

If you have a sister, brother or some of both, you’ll love this book.  It portrays sibling relationships in a real way and I saw a bit of myself and my own sister in these characters.  Buy the book, share it with your family, enjoy…

Many thanks to Bronwyn from Penguin Group (Canada) for sending me this book for review.  I enjoyed it so, so much!



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