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The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire by C.M. Mayo, review


The first word that comes to mind as  I sit down to review this book is ‘epic’.  The subject, which is something I knew nothing about before reading this novel, is ambitious to say the least but C.M. Mayo tackles it with great skill.  Seldom do I read a book that I think that could easily be transformed into film, but I believe that The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire could.  And should!

You can see the amount of research that went into this book on every, single page.  The vivid descriptions of the places make you feel like you a part of the history.  And the characters are written in such an exceptional way that they come alive on the pages – from the highest class to the lowest.  No one is more important than the other and all are written with care and attention.

The biggest thing that I will take away from reading this work of historical fiction, is that my view on Mexico will forever be changed.  Every perception of the people and places I have seen there has been altered – and in a good way.  What a rich history they have that is seldom told!  Thanks to Ms. Mayo for giving me a different perspective.

Visit my blog again tomorrow for a guest post from C.M. Mayo.  And go out and get the book.  You won’t regret it.

4 thoughts on “The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire by C.M. Mayo, review

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  3. I would love to read about Mexico. We live so close to the border and it’s sad that I barely know anything about the country.

  4. I loved that you said that the book has vivid descriptions of history and that it is well researched. It truly sounds like an epic. Would love to read it.


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