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The Passionate Brood by Margaret Campbell Barnes

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The Passionate Brood by Margaret Campbell Barnes is ‘A Spirited Retelling of King Richard the Lionheart and the Third Crusade.’ This book was originally published in 1944 as Like Us, They Live, and Sourcebooks is once again back at it, reprinting these great older works and making them more available to us.  (I never get tired of saying this!!  Sourcebooks rocks – the end)

Campbell Barnes stays true to the era, 1189-1199, and gives the reader a real sense of history and the times the characters are living in.  While the focus of the book is mainly Richard the Lionheart, there are other characters I particularly liked, mainly Johanna, one of three children of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Some of the time line may be a bit off, but I can forgive her as the book was written quite a long time ago and research may not have been as easily available.  Other than minor flaws such as that, I really enjoyed the book – even more so than the last book of hers I read.


n this compelling novel of love, loyalty, and lost chances, Margaret Campbell Barnes gives readers a new perspective on Richard the Lionheart’s triumphs and tragedies. Drawing on folklore, Barnes explores what might have happened if King Richard’s foster brother were none other than Robin Hood, a legendary figure more vibrant than most in authentic history. Thick as thieves as Richard builds a kingdom and marshals a crusade, the two clash when Robin Hood so provokes the king’s white hot temper that Richard banishes him. The Passionate Brood is a tale of a man driven to win back the Holy Land, beset by the guilt of casting out his childhood friend, and shouldering the burden of being the lionhearted leader of the Plantagenets.


One thought on “The Passionate Brood by Margaret Campbell Barnes

  1. I felt the same way too. I didn’t enjoy the previous release, Within the Hollow Crown as much, but I thought that this one was great. My only wish is that it would have contained more Robin – I was really starting to like him!

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