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The Princeling by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles – Review

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After reading the first two books in Harrod-Eagles’ Morland Dynasty series, and really enjoying them, I am happy to report that the third book, The Princeling, is just as good!

I love a book where fictional characters and stories are interwoven with real people and real history.  In The Princeling, we see the likes of Mary, Queen of Scots, Elizabeth I and Francis Drake.  So, you can just imagine the court and political intrigue involved!

However, the stars of the show are the new generation of Morlands.  They are another interesting bunch, all great, three dimensional characters for us to love and hate.  Of course, as they say, ‘the sins of the father….’  This family is no exception.

If you think about the 34 books in this series, spanning from the 1430’s up until the second World War, it’s quite a feat.  Next up is The Oak Apple and I’m really eager to read it and find out what’s next for the family.

From the Publisher’s Website:

The Morlands’ rise to power, as tenuous as it was unexpected, now faces its greatest threat. Elizabeth I is on the throne and Protestantism is sweeping the land, threatening the position of the Catholic Morlands and forcing them to seek new spheres of influence. John, the heir, rides north to the untamed Borderlands to wed the daughter of a Northumberland cattle lord. But he finds he must first prove himself and win her heart through blood and battle. John’s gentle sister Lettice is given in marriage to a ruthless Scottish baron, and in the treacherous court of Mary, Queen of Scots, she learns the fierce lessons of survival. Through birth and death, love and hatred, triumph and heartbreak, the Morlands fight to hold on to their place among England’s aristocracy.

Thanks to Sourcebooks for sending me this book to read and review.


One thought on “The Princeling by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles – Review

  1. It must be nearly time for me to read the next book in the series. I am a couple ahead of you, but not far.

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