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Elizabeth, Captive Princess by Margaret Irwin – Review

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Elizabeth, Captive Princess by Margaret Irwin is the second book in the Queen Trilogy (Young Bess and Elizabeth and the Prince of Spain are books #1 and #3) and was originally published in 1948.  Once again, Sourebooks is putting wonderful books back into print and making them more available to the readers!

The story is well known to most – July 1553.  After Edward dies, Jane Grey takes the throne for a short nine days until Mary takes over.  Elizabeth is imprisoned first in the tower and then later is  sent to live at Woodstock.

Because the book was written so long ago, some might find Irwin’s writing style old-fashioned, lacking the flash of more current books on the same subject.  However, I hope people take the time to read the story and embrace it though it may be harder to read than something newer.  Margaret Irwin has a keen insight into history and the characters she is portraying – she knows them well and it shows on the pages.  As I stated before, the story is well known.  However, the way Irwin tells it, we are given a new and different perspective that I enjoyed.


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