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The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory – Review


The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory is the second book in her Cousins’ War series.  It tells the story of Margaret Beaufort who, love or hate her, is the reason the Tudors regained control of the throne.  We have her to thank for Henry VIII and Elizabeth I.

At a young age the only thing Margaret wanted was to be like Joan of Arc.  But as often happened during that time in history, she was wedded and bedded and bore a son while she was still a child herself.  From almost the moment Henry Tudor was born, she worked as hard as she could to bring him to his rightful place as king of England.  It became her life’s work.  She believed it was God’s will that her son be on the throne and would stop at nothing to make that happen.

I was often annoyed with Margaret Beaufort while reading the book.  And yet, I understood why she did the things she did.  What mother won’t move mountains for their child?  (And the House of York was a formidable mountain)  She is driven by her belief in God, had visions from the time she was just a little girl and it overtakes her entire being.  I don’t feel she was too ambitious (her son did have a legitimate claim on the throne) but  her cold heartedness and the fact that she was so absorbed with thinking she was doing God’s will and that she herself was Godly, made me dislike her.

As always, Philippa Gregory is a wonderful storyteller and succeeds in bringing history to the pages of a book, making it readable, enjoyable and engaging.  It’s always a pleasure to find a book that is impossible to put down and The Red Queen was that for me.

Watch the short video below for a short introduction from Philippa and then check out THIS page for more videos and readings.  Also, click this link to win your very own copy of The Red Queen.  Plus, for those of you on Twitter, check out the #pgblogtour hashtag for more fun stuff.

Many thanks to Ally from Simon & Schuster UK for sending me an ARC of The Red Queen to review on my blog.


2 thoughts on “The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory – Review

  1. eeeee!!! I love Philippa Gregory! I just got this book last week from pre-ordering. Haven’t opened it yet but will soon! great review!

  2. Yay! I love PG’s novels. I haven’t read White Queen yet, but I hope to soon, I’m still needing to finish the other Tudor novels. I still have The Virgin’s lover and the Other Queen to go. And I certainly entered the giveaway, thanks!

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