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Abigail by Jill Eileen Smith – Book Review


Abigail by Jill Eileen Smith is a beautifully written book and I’m glad I had the pleasure of reading it.  It’s the second book in the ‘The Wives of King David’ series and it tells the story of Abigail – from her first marriage to the abusive Nabal to her marriage to David.  It ends off near the time when David first becomes king.

There isn’t much about Abigail in the Bible, but Jill Eileen Smith does a great job of keeping her story true to Biblical times and accounts.  Research is a must to keep stories of real people believable and the author certainly does that.  I didn’t find any part of the book unbelievable.  I love and appreciate that in everything that I read.

Plain and simple, I loved the book.  I haven’t had the chance to read Michal, the first in the series yet, but will be looking to get a copy.  And I seriously can’t wait for whatever book she writes next.  I like Jill’s writing style.  It flows nicely, isn’t hard to follow and she makes the people you read about briefly about in the Bible seem more real.

(From the Revell website)

What price must she pay for true love?

Her days marked by turmoil and faded dreams, Abigail has resigned herself to a life with a man she does not love. But when circumstances offer her a second chance at happiness with the handsome David, she takes a leap of faith to join his wandering tribe. Still, her struggles are far from over. How can she share his love with the other women he insists on marrying?

Abigail follows the bestselling Michal and continues Jill Eileen Smith’s rich story of David’s wives.

“Book is courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc. Available at your favourite bookseller”


2 thoughts on “Abigail by Jill Eileen Smith – Book Review

  1. Michal was a very good book by Jill, too. I thoroughly enjoyed both! 🙂

  2. I put this one on my wishlist. I’m glad you liked it! It sounds interesting!

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