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Lessons in French by Laura Kinsale, review

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Lessons in French is the first book I’ve read by Laura Kinsale.  When given the chance to read and review the book (Thanks Danielle from Sourcebooks!) I have to admit, it was first the cover that grabbed me.  It’s sexy and seductive, AND  I’m happy to report, that sexy and seductive is what I found when I flipped passed the cover and began to get engrossed in the book.

Callie and Trev are sweethearts from a young age but when Callie’s father catches them in a ‘less than ladylike’ position, which forces a disgraced Trev to flee England and he doesn’t return for nine long years.  He expects to find her married with many children, but is shocked to find out that Callie is still single and has been jilted three times.  You might think that they fall into each others arms immediately, but that’s not the case.  Laura takes us on a twisting and turning journey that leaves us hoping and wondering if the couple makes it back together again.

Laura Kinsale is an absolute star.  She weaves a fabulous tale full of intrigue, love and wit.  She tells about a wide variety of characters – none of them boring and all of them unique.  In a word, the story is beautiful.

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One thought on “Lessons in French by Laura Kinsale, review

  1. Great review! Try her other books (Sourcebooks is re-releasing a ton of them), they’re FABULOUS. I suggest For My Lady’s Heart (a medieval) and Prince of Midnight (a Georgian).

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