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“I am simply a 'book drunkard.' Books have the same irresistible temptation for me that liquor has for its devotee. I cannot withstand them.” L.M. Montgomery

Book Review


Virginie Says…

The Foundling by Georgette Heyer.


One of readers’, librarians’ and booksellers’ most frequently requested Heyers, The Foundling features Gilly, the seventh Duke of Sale.

A diffident young man of 24 years, easily pushed around by his overprotective uncle and the retinue of devoted family retainers who won’t let him lift a finger for himself, the Duke sometimes wishes he could be a commoner. One day he decides to set out to discover whether he is “a man, or only a Duke.”

Beginning with an incognito journey into the countryside to confront a blackmailer, he encounters a runaway school boy, a beautiful but airheaded orphan, one of literature’s most appealing and well-spoken comic villains, and a series of alarming and even life threatening events from which he can extricate himself only with the help of his shy and lovely fiancé…


I’ve been wanting to read a book by Georgette Heyer for ages now.  So, when the chance came to receive a copy of The Foundling for review, I jumped on it!

The Foundling is the story of the Duke of Sale.  I feel so sorry for ‘Gilly’ when I first start reading his story.  He is privileged  and constantly has people around him who have his best interests at heart – but he is not allowed to make a single decision on his own or even have his own thoughts.  And as much as he desperately wants to stand up for himself, he just can’t do it.  Until one day, he takes his chance and jumps head first into the adventure he has always wanted.

Although the story started out slowly (though I have heard this is the norm when it comes to Heyer’s books), the story really began to take off when Gilly allowed himself to really take off.  Gilly’s story is inventive and funny and heartwarming and Georgette Heyer tells it with intricate detail all the while managing to keep it from sounding overworked or repetitive or boring.  I’m not going to say that her writing style is easy to read – but it matches the story and the time it’s set in.  And, if you take the time to slow down and really read and understand every word, you’ll realize how beautiful it is.

Many thanks to Danielle from Sourcebooks for sending me my first Heyer and allowing me to enjoy her work along with countless other fans.


2 thoughts on “Book Review

  1. I keep wanting to try Georgette Heyer. This one sounds good, I must add it to my wishlist.

    Thanks for the great review.

  2. Great review! I am reading Arabella now and really liking Georgette’s style of writing. Reminds me a bit of Jane Austin.

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