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“I am simply a 'book drunkard.' Books have the same irresistible temptation for me that liquor has for its devotee. I cannot withstand them.” L.M. Montgomery

T4MC – Week #16


Virginie Says…

Only a few more weeks left. Can you feel it?! I’m super excited to complete the challenge and start the next one! I have a new set of challenges ready for November. I’ll be sharing those with you all soon so you can start choosing your books.


Last week I finished a classic for ten points – Lady Susan by Jane Austen. It was written in ‘letter’ form and I found the concept an enjoyable change from the norm.

I’m sooo close to finishing a book about royalty for 10 points and a book with a number in the title for 5 points.  That just leaves read historical fiction and I’m finished!

Progress so far

Heather – 220 points

Sandra – 75 points

Moi!! – 235 points

Nise – 160 points

Veens – 105 points

Marie Burton –120 points

Susie – 100 points

Sherrie – 85 points

Heather Ann – 90 points

TheBolyenSisters – 70 points

raidergirl3 – 190 points

Jessi – 10 points

Diane – 25 points



7 thoughts on “T4MC – Week #16

  1. I’ve never done an online book challenge. I’ll definitely have to pop back and see what you have scheduled for November.

    • It’s been a lot of fun! And an excellent way to get all those books read! Here is the link to the one we are finishing now so you can sort of see how it works. I hope you join us next time!

  2. I will hopefully have an update tomorrow!

  3. Ok, finished read a book with a one word title – Smitten by Janet Evanovich. A great romance book. So that is 220!

  4. ok I did read a book made into a movie – Twilight.
    A historical fiction – footstes in the dark by Georgette Heyer
    and A hardcover book – Cleopatra’s Daughter

    That gives me 135 points… i am so sure that this is how much i can do 🙂

  5. Ok I finished The Triumph of Deborah – for Christian fiction – so that brings me to 240. I have one more category left – read a hard cover book – so I guess I will have to read Cleopatra’s Daughter ;)!!!

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